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Our Impact

Here's where you can learn more about the makers and partners behind our products, the impact they're making in their communities and the way we're supporting them in creating positive social change. You can also learn more about our environmental impact here.

Our Ethos

We believe that power shared is power well used. That's why our business model embeds profit sharing and supporting makers, who are small (usually women-led) businesses - just like us! Read on to dig into the details of each of our partnerships and find out more about the incredible people we work with.

From The World To Your Door

We work with makers and creatives from all over the world, and reinvest the profit back into their communities.

Our Makers & Impact Partners

Angie Pino 🇨🇴

Angie is currently an activist leader who is part of Actoría Social Juvenil, an organisation that fights to transform realities in the countryside of Colombia through education and community mobilisation. And she is one of our upcoming authors.

Anita Joshi🇳🇵

Stay tuned for more details about this emerging partnership soon!

Gerardo Merino Damián / Xaneri 🇲🇽

Damián is a Muxhe, a backstrap loom artisan working in honour of LGBTQIA+ identities, a descendant of Mixtec and Zapotec heritage, a proud advocate for equality and human rights - and our newest author! Going by both Damián and Xaneri (her Muxhe name).

Lillian Shirayar Mang'ong'o 🇰🇪

Lillian is a Tiriki woman of the Luhya people in Kenya. She’s the author of our first children’s book, Lillian The Tiriki Girl, in which Lillian shares kid-to-kid, what it was like growing up in Eldoret (that’s in northern Kenya). We worked over two years to bring her story to life, with Puerto Rican artist and illustrator Monica Paoloa Rodriguez.

In 2020, we were able to bring her story to the world through a crowdfunding campaign. Lillian now receives 10% of the profit and 50% of revenue from her books sales, to continue her impact-driven work. She also sells the Swahili editions of her story locally within her community. 

Sara Galán Ponce 🇲🇽

Sara is a very creative and experienced crocheter from Mexico City, who is a very patient teacher. She has crafted close to a million beautiful creations from clothes, bags, swimming suits to lots and lots of beautiful dolls.

10% of the revenue and 50% of the profit from Sara's dolls goes to supporting Sara's community-driven work in Mexico, helping others fall in love with the therapeutic benefits and social connection that craft and crochet can bring.

Backing Aboriginal-Led Change


Both of our Co-Founders are migrants to what is now known as Australia. As such, we have tried to learn as much as we can about the true history of these lands, the cultures of First Nations peoples and the ways we can be good allies in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We believe that change only happens when it is led by the people it's for. We also believe that putting money behind words is an important (but not only) way of showing up. That's why we set aside 2% of all revenue we generate, and pass it onto two incredible Aboriginal-led and owned businesses. See below for details.

We also use our voice to participate in campaigns like Know Your Country and champion Indigenous creatives and storytellers.

Pay The Rent

This Pay the Rent collective acts as a centralised distribution body which can make decisions about how best to support Aboriginal people. It has chosen to support grassroots First Nations people working to strengthen any one of the five interconnected pillars of Aboriginal sovereignty and belonging: Land, Law, Kinship, Ceremony, Language.

This Pay The Rent collective is based in "Victoria".

You can learn more about the collective and how to support their work here.

Children's Ground

Children’s ground is an organisation led by Aboriginal communities. They are creating a new future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.

They work with children, families and communities that face the greatest exclusion and live with injustice and disadvantage every single day.

This is Australia’s greatest humanitarian failure and it is preventable.

You can learn more about their work and how to support it here.

We're An Open Book

Have a question, suggestion or some feedback about our impact or partnerships? Our door is always open!

Drop us a line via our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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