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Alice The Cat

Written by Jeff ZhaoIsabella Le | Illustrated by Sam Kenneally | Translated by Phi Hong Lu Jee Ern Ng

For this special edition Campfire Story, we've created an interactive reading experience. Read on below if you're on a desktop and are after the English edition. Otherwise you can find other editions via the links below: 

Jeff Zhao

Jeff Zhao works in consulting by trade (which means when he has his work pants on), but by night, you will find him obsessing over one of several things - anything and everything food related (his alter ego is señor sourdough), training muay thai, and probably watching a super corny Shounen anime. He Co-Founded As I Am to build a platform that amplified Asian voices, as he believes they have been long muted in mainstream western discourse. 

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Isabella Le

Isabella Le is a law graduate who travels when she can. At one point she studied in Paris, which she will not stop talking about. Isabella is obsessed with good food, Nina Simone, yoga and her two dogs, Lola and Koda. She Co-Founded As I Am because she wanted to explore what it means to be Asian in the West - an experience that is both unique and shared.  

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Sam Kenneally

Sam Kenneally is an Illustrator, Designer, Signwriter & Copywriter based in Yugambeh Country - Gold Coast. Sam is happiest when working on projects that support inclusivity, diversity and community. Outside of work Sam enjoys eating all the dumplings, patting all the dogs and reading all the books.

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Phi Hong Lu

Phi Hong Lu (known as Phiphi) is a Vietnamese Translator and Interpreter. Long before she was accredited by NAATI in 2010, she had already used her language skills to help fellow Vietnamese in refugee camps, at charity organisations, or in everyday situations where language barriers hamper communication.

Our simplified Mandarin translation was provided by Jee Ern Ng. 

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Zoom Campfire Stories #04: Alice The Cat
Zoom Campfire Stories #04: Alice The Cat

Campfire Stories #04: Alice The Cat

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Get a limited edition print of Alice The Cat delivered to your door. Written by Jeff Zhao and Isabella Le, illustrated by Sam Kenneally and translated into Vietnamese by Phi Hong Lu and Simplified Mandarin by Jee Ern Ng, Alice The Cat is a story about beginnings. 

Designed to be enjoyed by readers of all ages, you can expect a heart-warming story about family, love and the sacrifice.

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